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Website maintenance

Naturally, websites, whether institutional or E-commerce, need regular maintenance for their correct operation, maintenance can be weekly, monthly or even bimonthly depending on the demands of each business, but it is vital that at least one maintenance is carried out. basic to avoid serious and costly problems on your website.

Believe it or not, your site is a gold mine for a hacker looking to gain control.

Count on us to keep it safe.

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the best plan

The correct plan depends fundamentally on the needs of your website, if you have a simple institutional website with little traffic and the security configuration is correct, a minimum plan is sufficient.

If you have a website that generates income, you manage valuable customer information, you have a lot of traffic or precise economic transactions are generated from a plan according to the time it takes to maintain it.

What we offer

We keep your site updated in WordPress. We make security backups and monitor that your site remains online. Includes PHP update and creation of new Emails. Plan equivalent to 1.5 hours per month.

In addition to the features of the basic plan, we support you in loading products or tickets so that you occupy your time in your business. The plan is equivalent to 3 hours.

In addition to the features of the previous plans, we offer you the possibility that with the remaining time you can make changes to your website, such as changing images, sections, adding or removing contact buttons such as social networks and whatsapp, renewing your security certificate Free (Let`s encrypt SSL) or fix a problem if the website goes down proactively. The plan is equivalent to up to 4 hours per month.

In this case you came to us by recommendation and you know that we are 100% reliable, you leave the maintenance in our hands and we send you a monthly report with the work carried out, the time that each task took and the amount to be paid. Requires advance payment of the 3-hour plan, unused hours are accumulated for the next month, exclusive benefit of this plan.

If you have a dedicated server or VPS and you do not have support from the contracted company, we can offer you a special maintenance and support service in case of failures. Carried out by a cybersecurity specialist, you have the peace of mind that everything will be fine. The service is outsourced and is budgeted according to the needs of each business. Includes all the features of the previous plans. Equivalent to up to 3 hours per month.

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Security and stability

We are sure that you would not want to find that a stranger is the new administrator of your website, just when you were about to launch that new promotion for your clients. It is more common than it seems, and even large companies have been hacked. Keep your site safe and minimize risks.

Fault monitoring

Es bueno contar con el soporte de una mano amiga, si necesitas ayuda, seguramente busques hablar con nosotros antes de contactar con el soporte de tu hosting y que te den decenas de tutoriales para que tu mismo soluciones un error que te llevará valiosas horas de tu vida, y quizas termines por desistir y pagar por un costoso servicio de emergencia web.

Hourly plans

If you need extra help one month, we’ll be there. Forget about paying an expensive monthly plan that may never be justified, you can opt for any of our plans and if we occasionally need to add time to the plan, we assure you that the accounting of the hours will be honest and we will never, ever take advantage of your need. .

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